For small business owners, to market smarter and propel your business growth is somehow overwhelming. In this article, I will identify brilliant and inexpensive marketing ideas for small business owners and explain how Virtual Assistants play a vital part into this.

If you’re a small business or an emerging startup, you don’t have enough resources to spend on expensive advertising like what your bigger competitors can. To compete on the same level but with a smaller budget and limited time, to market smarter and propel your business growth is somehow overwhelming.

Why Concrete Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners And Virtual Assistants Important?

Because this problem about promoting a business also challenges the work at home professionals to sustain their business.

Take it from me…I’ve experienced the same dilemma on my own business and career.

I didn’t have money (way back 2010) to pay to advertise my business and to compete with my competitors.

When I was just starting out, it was a complete struggle. I struggled so much on:

  1. How to get myself out and make myself stand out amongst many other VAs
  2. Get high-ticket clients who will stick around
  3. Earn me recurring revenue
  4. Increase income
  5. Sustain my VA business

And I had these seemingly unending questions like:

  • How do I start marketing my business?
  • How is the best way to advertise my business?
  • How do I promote my business?
  • Blah blah blah!

I knew, there was so much information on the internet, but I can’t move forward.

Sounds familiar to you?

40 tools for online entrepreneurs -

Avoid Analysis Paralysis in Innovating Marketing Ideas

Honestly, I had analysis paralysis during those times and I can’t help it.

But along the way, one thing I noticed, I just had to learn how to enhance my skills in creating innovating promotional ideas.

Ideas that are creative and inexpensive.

Over time, I see that this is the key to address this common issue that keeps on haunting small business owners and Virtual Assistants like me (and you!).

Research & Create Small Business Marketing Strategies

With the experience I had been through, there’s no doubt, small business marketing strategies are very important to both parties (client and service provider).

And it also made me realize one important thing, that it doesn’t need you to be a rocket scientist to be a good marketer.

All you need is an ample time, knowledge, preparation and application.

Do in-depth research and gather all the data that you need.

Grab some tools, create a system and work on it.

Trust yourself and what you came up to and apply! Avoid analysis paralysis, it won’t help.Click To Tweet

If the strategy is concrete and the application is consistent, the goal will be met, absolutely!

  • Connect with prospects
  • Reach wider target
  • Gain more clients
  • Increase in sales
  • Keep clients and make them coming back
  • Sustain business

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So, I believe you get the whole idea. Yay! 🙂

Now to help you, I’ve crafted a list of inexpensive marketing ideas for small business owners which you can utilize for the whole year round!

These creative marketing ideas are easy to implement every single day for 365 days!

Most importantly, the list is a one-fits-all marketing strategy and ideas for small business owners which is by far very effective in helping you market smarter.

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