Marketing tasks for virtual assistants, 99 marketing tasks

“As entrepreneurs, time is our most valuable commodity. Money will come and go, but once you’ve invested your time into something, that time is gone forever. It stands to reason that if there are any actions we can take as business owners to free up more time in our daily routines, we should take them.” – Chris Ducker

Bam! Isn’t that the truth? The more time I put in my own virtual assistance business, the more:

… I realize the value of my time

… I appreciate the importance of delegation

… I, myself, see how helpful and effective outsourcing and VAs are to any kind of businesses nowadays.

By my personal experience on 6 years working online, helping clients to build, grow and sustain their business and working on my own business at the same time is exhausting!

Putting 12 hours a day in a week and still getting a never-ending-to-do-list is frustrating!

Realizing that I cannot do it all myself to be a successful entrepreneur (in my situation), no matter how much I know about running a business, I had to make a decision to loosen my grip and trust my business to someone else more capable and available, a Virtual Assistant.

And the moment I loosened my grip, I realized (yes peeps!), “delegating tasks” gives me more of the one thing I can never get back: my precious time.

It also:

  • frees me up from doing the things that could be done by others (research, marketing, designing, bookkeeping)
  • gives me quality time to spend on business planning and monitoring
  • allows me to connect more with potential clients
  • allows me to be more personal on handling clients’ business concerns
  • gives me more time to spend with my loved ones without compromising work and business
  • last but not the least – less stress! (oh, I love this the most! ♥♥♥)
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And today, I will be sharing a “to-do-marketing-tasks” or “marketing tasks” most clients and business owners (including myself) have to delegate with Virtual Assistants, NOW!

Social Media Set-Up & Management:

With the help of social media, you can effectively communicate with your present and potential clients along with determining its effects on your business visibility in the target market.

The virtual assistant handling your social media accounts can perform the following tasks.

  1. Produce & Manage Twitter Account
  2. Monitor Facebook page
  3. Upload photos on Pinterest, Instagram & Flicker
  4. Write & promote content
  5. Consolidate the complaint reports
  6. Run a social media challenge or a contest
  7. Produce detailed profiles on social media along with inserting the link to official and relevant company websites
  8. Engage with users and be considerate towards them
  9. Keep a close eye on the competitors’ social media presence and regularly check their ranks and visibility
  10. Ensure that the company offers the efficient mobile media strategy.

Internet Marketing Support:

To increase the visibility of your business and cope up with the competition, you need to hire an internet marketing VA.

Following are the tasks performed under this support:

  1. Developing a marketing strategy that is strictly SEO optimized
  2. Regularly performing the blog and competitor analysis via ranked content and SEMRUSH positions
  3. Starting a link-building campaign
  4. Searching for the marketing writing and publishers to provide excellent quality content
  5. Off-page optimization and participation in intellectual forums
  6. Carefully observing and bringing in site traffic
  7. Reaching out the media outlets

Webinar, and Online Event Management:

To help put an end the unrealistic division and to bring the online meetings and webinars under a bus, you should hire a VA having the ability to manage all following aspects of the online event management.

  1. Training on-site employees and virtual staff members
  2. Researching relevant important data, such as pre-scheduled meetings or presentations etc.
  3. Contacting industry experts to participates in the webinars
  4. Including the information from the webinar vendors within the step of the online events
  5. Monitoring event promotion and event reporting tools to the webinar space

Content Formatting & Production:

Even if you have a healthy mind and your ideas are a dime a dozen, still what really counts is how you manage to write it in a way that is distinctive and different from the others.

When you hire a virtual assistant for start ups, realize that they have to get themselves involved in the huge amount of writing from the social media posts, blog updates, newsletters and more.

  1. Blog post creation, involving guest blogs & ghost blogs
  2. Newsletter writing, proposal writing & Press Release writing
  3. Copywriting, SEO Writing
  4. Article writing, article spinning, article publishing & Article marketing
  5. E-book writing & producing marketing material, like infographics
  6. Writing in-depth reports and composing the case studies
  7. Writing and publishing tutorials, step-by-step and how-to guides
  8. Interviewing the satisfied customers and other resources
  9. Designing broachers, flyers and white papers etc.

Podcast Support:

Podcasts grab the attention of the audience so you need to maintain them in order for your clients to conceptually understand the content.

Due to the fact that the scale of understanding seems to tip towards the podcasts of the business, you should hire a VA that can perform following actions.

  1. Transcribe the podcasts, voicemail and other audios
  2. Basic audio editing, such as monitoring the intros and outros
  3. Improve the volume levels along with removing the background noises
  4. Recording, editing and setting up of the podcasts
  5. Insert them online, such as on web pages and compatible social media platforms
  6. Trim the unnecessary segments
  7. Produce better final cuts


This is an important management part of the business that needs to be sorted out by the professionals.

However, it is a tiresome process and requires internet expertise for this.

Your VA can manage and properly carry out the following tasks.

  1. Interview and test the applicants in order to evaluate their potential
  2. Ensure that the new freelancers are comfortable with their new online work environment
  3. Notice the transcription inadequacies that should be improved
  4. Resolving the issues that may become a risk to the mutual benefits
  5. Communicate the plans with other transcriptionists
  6. Keep the staff updated of the workflow and the business requirements
  7. Maintain proper communicating with the personnel department

Product Launches:

Product launch marketing is severely important as there are numerous variables to care about. If not appropriately addressed, they can spell disaster leading your business to drown, therefore; you need someone to perform the launching related tasks on your behalf.

They include:

  1. Searching for booking airfares and places suitable for product launches
  2. Making plans for promotional giveaways
  3. Searching for the relevant industry leaders and target audiences to attendant the events
  4. Putting together welcome and goodbye packages
  5. Placing the advertisements online

Email Marketing:

The VAs filter out the important emails and respond to the clients on your behalf.

To keep you from wasting your time, hire a VA that can carry out tasks mentioned below and more.

  1. Send welcome emails to the new subscribers and clients
  2. Send special greeting cards on holidays and anniversaries via email
  3. Design attractive advertisements and casually send them from client to client
  4. Create the lists of email contacts, categorized on different basis
  5. Send email newsletters and promotional copies
  6. Establish Auto-responders
  7. Write and send establishing follow-up emails

Customer Service:

Customers are the major reason for the success of a business, so their requirements need to be figured out.

The customer care is more important for the small business owners online support as they have to build a loyal team of clients satisfied with the services of the company.

  1. Keep in touch with the customer service representatives
  2. Monitor the tech support and banking issues
  3. Produce the customer care scripts
  4. Create and manage the priority list of customer service requests
  5. Look after customer refunds
  6. Send the gift cards and thank you notes to loyal clients
  7. Properly engage with the audience and respond to their inquiries
  8. Ask the customers to give suggestions and recommendations

Online Business Management:

The online business management skills of the virtual assistants are the important contribution to any company as there are numerous core ingredients to get right so that the business doesn’t flop before getting the chance to rise.

Here are some of the tasks relevant to online business management.

  1. Recruiting the freelancers as potential team members
  2. Interviewing the job applicants online
  3. Reviewing the resumes in order to contact the deserving candidates
  4. Speaking of references
  5. Providing constructive recommendations when the monthly, quarterly and annual goals aren’t achieved.
  6. Running the online office
  7. Challenging the employees and workers to receives tips and bonuses
  8. Gathering and monitoring the documents for the tax season
  9. Conducting the credit and criminal checks via online databases on the staffers
  10. Carefully researching the raw data and converting it into a detailed report
  11. Reporting on the prevailing trends in order to brief SBO

Administrative Tasks

The administrative tasks are the repetitive daily tasks that are required to be done in order to keep things going smoothly.

They are time-consuming; therefore a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs can efficiently perform a variety of these tasks, like:

  1. Data encoding and organization
  2. Database entries and PowerPoint presentations
  3. Scheduling
  4. Chasing Business
  5. Online researching
  6. Industry knowledge preparation
  7. Data gathering and report generation
  8. Personal calendar management
  9. Managing emails
  10. Social tasks
  11. Template and forms creation

Project Management

Mike Tyson says, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

This management may look easy, but is really difficult and needs someone to properly take care of it.

It demands the VA to perform tasks like:

  1. Create a vast business scope project management system
  2. Manage the project
  3. Keep in touch with the contractors and sub-contractors
  4. Keep hold of the online calendars
  5. Manage and inform the team leaders about deadlines
  6. Monitor the latest industry developments
  7. Report the statistics and facts of the project proceedings.

Online Courses (Teachable & Udemy) Set Up & Support

The online support for startups in terms of online courses set up may require a virtual assistant, who can perform  tasks that include the following, but aren’t limited to these:

  1. Get hold of the automated software for the buyers to access the courses
  2. Research for the requirements and demands of the courses
  3. Monitor the rate offerings, discounts, and payments
  4. Manage the registration, approval and login forms
  5. Properly arrange the distance education training.

Action Time: Delegate to Elevate!

These are just a few of the many marketing tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for you. If you are ready to spend more time focusing on the most important things that will help elevate you and your business, hire a VA to help you today.


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