101 Sites Offering A Free Virtual Assistant Course
Thank goodness for being gifted to be a resourceful person – the very first free virtual assistant course which I grabbed right away saved my sanity when just starting out.

I remember the days back when I got started – particularly new to the industry of working at home. I’ve found it hard to know where to start with and who should I follow and trust as I began to dip my foot and test the water. Thank goodness for being gifted to be a resourceful person – the very first free virtual assistant course which I grabbed right away saved my sanity when just starting out.

A Free Virtual Assistant Course Is Like A Pot of Gold

A Virtual Assistant free course [that costs me nothing] is like a pot of gold for seasoned VAs like me, I must say. They are always one of the most cost-effective reasons behind the growth and success of VA business owners as well as independent contractors, freelancers, or online supports. I mean, I love to invest in courses (heck yeah… I do that often, too) but who doesn’t want to save more of our hard-earned money if there’s a way out right there???

Utilize Free Virtual Assistant Course To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Game

These free resources for work at home professionals are indeed vital in helping me sharpen my skills and knowledge base, find high-ticket clients, earn more decent income and become competitive at this most crucial time of staying on top of the game.

And I always bear this in my mind, the main purpose of learning and enhancing more of my craft is not just to impress clients with my abilities but to make them feel that they are important and loved their businesses and that I am sincere to partner with them on their mission and goal in life.

Utilize Free Virtual Assistant Course To Help You Connect With Ideal Clients

From the very beginning, I have this understanding that it’s a must to know my future clients’ needs! I know that I have to think how my clients think and feel how my clients feel. I know that If I were able to connect with them in a deeper sense, the higher the possibility to have a long-term working relationship between the two of us, which of course, the main goal of my virtual assistant business.

And how did I do it?

Educate myself by the numerous virtual assistant training program online, non-stop and apply.

And I can tell you, the abundance of free online training and courses from which I’ve taken advantage of during my early years up to date, are a huge help to creating and shaping this profitable business I run myself for six years already.

So, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned Virtual Assistant, who need to broaden your knowledge base and up-level your skills, these 101 sites are of great advantage to your extreme career growth.

A| Free Virtual Assistant Course: Digital Marketing

One of the most in-demand skills for Virtual Assistant is marketing.

Marketing is the soul of a business, the most important function that every business needs to address to bring in more revenue. But it is not simply a matter of presenting their product or services to the target market. It is more of the right application of well-planned strategies and tactics in the right place at the right time.

If you’d love to take your VA career more seriously, set a quality time and spend it on learning continuously the ebb and flow of digital marketing. You will become a more effective support if you can address client’s present needs to grow their business from the ground up.

How about the gain of being their go-to person? Your clients, of course, will keep and value you on the quality and value of services that you can provide.

Remember, the more they are satisfied, the more they stay on business with you. And the more you are on their business, the more you are likely to get paid according to your standards.

  1. Google Online Marketing Challenge
  2. Hubspot Academy
  3. Quicksprout University
  4. Search Engine Journal
  5. Moz SEO for beginners
  6. An Internet Marketing Education in 16 Ebooks and 20 Emails
  7. YouTube/Video Marketing
  8. e- Marketing Institute
  9. RACE Digital Marketing Plan
  10. Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business
  11. Podcast course
  12. Design School
  13. HackDesign
  14. Infusionsoft
  15. SkillShare
  16. ByRegina.com
  17. Kelsye Nelson
  19. Kitz & Co
  20. TechBoomers
  22. Creator Academy
  24. Free SEO Keywords Course
  25. Free Podcast Course
  26. Podcasting 101
  27. carchace.com
  28. Adobe Know How

B| Free Virtual Assistant Course: General Virtual Assistance

You are one of the favorites and business owners often call you true time saver and life saver buddy!


“One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their business is because they are simply wearing too many hats.” – Chris DuckerClick To Tweet

Simply put, a majority of entrepreneurs and business owners think that their businesses work better or income revenue increases faster when they handle everything on their own.

It includes a lot of things they do need to monitor regularly, and it ranges from the smallest details, like spell checking emails and web content, to the biggest- their company’s vision. Having so much to do off their to-do-list every day, can make them spend hours on small-though important-task, thereby foregoing the important work of putting their concepts into action and solidifying their vision.

Imagine how absolutely chaotic the routine is. Stressful, isn’t it!

As an online support, we should understand and feel their pain and dilemma, act fast and provide the solution to fill the gaps. And General VAs are such a huge help to consider.

General Virtual Assistants are all-around, highly-skilled online professionals whom clients and business owners depend and lean on nowadays to help them in, day to day, on various tasks such as:

 Content Management
 WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace Sites Management
 Online Course setup and support – Udemy & Teachable
 Handling and organizing schedules
 Creating and implementing content calendar objectives
 Lead generation tasks to follow up with clients/vendors
 Create and manage databases, data entry
 Write, edit, manage or proofread blog content and press releases
 Market and internet research

  1. The Free Email Course
  2. Free Amazon FBA 7 Day Email Course
  3. MS Excel
  4. OfficeSkills.org
  5. Learn Accounting Free
  6. Microsoft Virtual Academy
  7. WordPress 101
  8. Joomla 101
  9. Beginner Blogging
  10. Legalize Your Blog
  11. How to Start a Blog E-course
  12. Blog Your Way To Passive Income
  13. Beginner Blogger Bootcamp
  14. Blogging To Win
  15. Social Media Quickstarter
  16. Introduction to Marketing
  17. PPC University
  18. Class Central
  19. Alison
  20. Udemy
  21. Coursera
  22. FutureLearn
  23. Iversity
  24. GFC Learn Free
  25. CodeAcademy
  26. Camtasia
  27. The VAClassroom
  28. VA Training Academy
  29. VANetworking.com
  30. Virtual Assistant (VA) Diploma | Pitman Training
  31. IVAA
  32. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  33. Transcribe Anywhere Mini Transcription Course
  34. Learn4Good.com
  35. We Are Virtual Assistants
  36. Virtual Assistant Trainer
  37. Open Culture
  38. OC.MIT.edu
  39. Academic Earth
  40. Learn.org
  41. The VA Handbook Downloads & Training Page
  43. Squarespace Course
  44. espresso
  45. Caressa Lenae
  46. Bridging the Gap
  47. Blackbelt Entrepreneur
  48. How to Deal with Nightmare Clients
  49. Entrepreneur on Fire
  50. the branded SOLOPRENEUR
  51. Captain Time
  52. The Virtual Savvy
  53. Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career Free Course
  54. Free Code Camp
  55. Work From Home Happiness
  56. the work anywhere life
  57. teachable.com
  58. A Beginner’s Guide to ConvertKit
  59. From Side Hustle To Success

Obviously, tough skills are necessary in order to cope and provide them a top-notch service and the list of virtual assistant training program online should be taken seriously enough in a regular manner so as to avoid you from being left behind the requirement.

C| Free Virtual Assistant Course: Content Writing

“Let me ask you this, would you order a cheeseburger if you knew there wouldn’t be meat on the sandwich? Of course not. So, why would your customers stay on your site if you had no relevant content for their needs?” –Whitney Derr

When I started working online, I didn’t get it straight away.

I thought I would just stay forever on being a backend support doing minor gigs such as data entry, research, manage social media, update databases, manage websites and so forth.

I was wrong thinking that the world of business doesn’t change over time and that it won’t require any change from me, either.Click To Tweet

Until I decided to shift my career into a business which offers higher-end support.

I realized then while creating my own website the importance of content writers and how providing content to my website’s visitor is crucial to my success.

Content is king they say and I second the motion.

Now, I hope you get my point?

Services and products and website are not enough to thrive and survive and virtual assistants should have a clear understanding regarding that.

Feeding website’s visitors with the right content at the right time is the way to keep your clients’ business alive on these days.

If I were you, seasoned or new to the industry on helping online entrepreneurs, start adding into your to-do-list and take some measure on how to hone your skills in writing.

  1. Writing for the Web
  2. Copywriting 101
  3. Typing Lesson
  4. Horkey Hand Book 30 Days New Freelance Writing
  5. Touch Typing Study
  6. ARTypist
  7. Typing Web
  8. Typing Club
  9. Typingcourse-Online.com
  10. Sense-Lang.org
  11. Grammar & Online Etiquette
  12. General Proofreading – Free Webinar
  13. Free Proofreading Intro Course
  14. proofreadanywhere

There you have them! I hope you enjoy these hand-picked free sites which can significantly help you acquire the skills you need to support your clients!

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